Meeting of the Network in Worriken

Minister Isabell Weykamans invited sucessful participants of the European Village Renewal Award to a network meeting, which took place in Worriken from the 27th to the 29th of March 2014. Central topic was the "inner development of villages", the participants talked about problems caused by urban sprawl, urban development in general and how to deal with and how to prevent vacancy in the village center.

A lot of time was spent viewing best-practice examples in the german speaking communitiy in Belgium like Maldingen, the belgian participant in the competition for the European Village Renewal Prize 2014.


The founding of the network was enabled by an idea of the village Sand in Taufers and was decided in September 2010. The network wants to ensure that the participation in the competition for the  European Village Renewal Prize is not a once in a lifetime experience but a beginning of steady exchange of experience and know-how and also contributes to growing together of Europe.




Foto HP NW