European Award for Rural Development and Village Renewal

European Award for Rural Development and Village Renewal

of the


European Association for Rural Development and Village Renewal



„Lead a better Life“



The competition for the 13th European Village Renewal Award is guided by the intention of bringing excellent and exemplary processes of development and renewal in rural communities "into the limelight” and bestow recognition on them, taking into account their economic and cultural context. The main criteria is that the projects contribute to an increase of quality of life and to a sustainable improvement in rural areas' readiness for the future, as laid out in the "Guidance for a Sustainable Development of European Villages and Rural Communities". Therefore the competition promotes in particular such villages, rural communities and communal alliances in Europe that have addressed the current challenges of their

habitat in bottom-up processes with aligned, visionary and sustainability-oriented projects and thereby kick-started a contemporary and future-oriented development.


On the one hand, he motto "Lead a better Life" should indicate that "Faster, Higher, Further" is rarely the recipe for success in rural areas. Therefore the qualitative improvement of everyday life in rural communities should be the primary goal. On the other hand, the motto is meant to be a signal that the evaluation will focus on the path taken which means relative improvements during the development process in accordance with the saying: "Being good is good. Getting better is better!"


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